New Month and New Routines – Getting Organized

Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool

Happy October! Most of you have seen changes around your home as summer came to a close and fall arrived. I am enjoying the leaves changing colors. I am enjoying Pumpkin Spice anything. How about you? What is your favorite thing about fall?

This month brings a new routine, and it is an important one for a homeschool family. This month, we are going to get rid of our paper clutter. Homeschooling seems to attract paper clutter. We have books, lesson plans, art papers, magazines, print outs, lists, notebooks, bills to pay, and on and on. If you do not have a good paper shredder, you need to invest in one. With identity theft on the rise, it is important to shred papers with your name, address, and other important personal information. If you can burn paper outside in a burn barrel or in a fireplace, that is another great way to get rid of papers that you cannot recycle. Most communities have recycling projects, and you can recycle some of your paper clutter if it does not have identifying information on it.

For the month of October, your assignment is to declutter paperwork for 15 minutes each day. If you can’t commit to 15 minutes, spend 2 minutes tossing or shredding papers each day while your children are doing school work. It will amaze you how much paper you can declutter in that amount of time. I do a good job of decluttering paperwork, but I have to keep at it every day to keep it from piling up again.

There are two simple things you can do to get organized in your home. The first one is to declutter. The second one is to establish routines. The reason I share the three daily routines with you every day is to keep it in front of you. If you work on these routines daily and declutter, you will see progress in your home. You will find peace in your home.

Set your timer for 15 minutes for the Home Assignment and 15 minutes for the School Assignment

Zone Focus: Front porch – Sweep your front porch and add some fall decor. Put a fall wreath on your front door.


  • Make Your Bed (Do this as soon as you get up.)
  • Get Dressed Down to Your Shoes
  • Swish and Swipe
  • Start Your Laundry
  • Decide on Dinner
  • Check Your Calendar
  • Start the Day off with a Shiny Sink. Don’t leave the breakfast dishes sitting.


  • This week we have been learning about Israel. We have enjoyed some great food such as beef ribs and beef brisket. We also made couscous and a dish with carrots and sweet potatoes. It has been interesting to learn about their climate and economics.
 Afternoon Routine:
  • Eat Lunch
  • Clear off One Hot Spot
  • Reboot the Laundry
  • Declutter for 15 Minutes (Be sure to have your children declutter, too.)
  • Drink Your Water

Before Bed: (This starts right after dinner.)

  • Check the Calendar for Tomorrow
  • Lay out Your Clothes for Tomorrow (Have your children lay their clothes out, too.)
  • Put things at your launch pad
  • Shine Your Sink
  • Clean Off a Hot Spot
  • Go to Bed at Decent Hour

Siggie - Tami Fox

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