Getting Organized with a Slow Cooker Summer

The day after I did my grocery shopping, I put together meal bags for the freezer. I assembled twenty-three meal bags with help from my family. I used the Summer Freezer Plan from the blog Who Needs a Cape. I will note in the recipes where I made alterations in the ingredients. The biggest part of the process was chopping vegetables. There were notes in the shopping list to help me decide how much I needed to chop. I just worked my way through the list, and two hours later, I had all of the vegetables ready.



wpid-20150616_100548.jpg wpid-20150616_101057.jpg wpid-20150616_103609.jpg wpid-20150616_104114.jpg wpid-20150616_111446.jpg wpid-20150616_121858.jpg


When I started pulling out the meat from the freezer, I worked with one type of meat at a time. I made notes and check marks in my recipe book, so I would know which recipes I had finished. All recipes can be found on the Who Needs a Cape Blog.


wpid-20150616_125603.jpg Slow Cooker Chicken Lettuce Wraps



I used chicken tenderloins for this recipe. I put enough in the bag to serve a family of 6, so it probably had a little more meat in it than the original recipe called for. I have never used Hoisin sauce before, and it was quite delicious. I found it in the Asian cooking section at the store. I served it with rice cooked in the rice cooker and lettuce. We did not make wraps out of it, but we ate the lettuce on the side.

This is a recipe we would cook again.

If you have not done bulk cooking in the past, this whole project might be bigger than you want to start with. What I would suggest is that you choose recipes for one type of meat at a time. You can make 5 or 10 meals at once rather than 23 like I did.

I hope you are enjoying this summer series! I am having a great time with it.

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Getting Organized with a Slow Cooker Summer — 2 Comments

  1. I didn’t realize when I left my last comment that you were making your way through all the meals ;) Hope you keep enjoying them – I honestly have found them a life saver!

    • Thanks for sending me a note. I am enjoying the recipes and saving time using your freezer meal menu. I will be posting several of them a week and linking to your site. I hope it brings you some traffic. I have been posting about it on social media, too. Have a great day!

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