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Since I had some responses to my last blog entry, I am inspired to write again tonight. School went well for the boys today. We seem to have remembered those math facts that we tried hard to forget over summer break. And with the Bible curriculum that we use, the boys are using reading skills, comprehension skills, and writing skills all while learning more about the Bible. That’s a win-win for me. We will review some of our grammar rules in the coming days. Grammar is important when all you want to do is play and chase bugs outside, right? Life with boys is certainly entertaining. I think they definitely understand what a VERB is.

I was reflecting over what we accomplished last year. One of the boys read three science textbooks last year. He was very interested in his science readings each day, and I had a hard time keeping him in reading materials. We have spent years doing science with textbooks and hands-on projects. And we have done the same with history. I think we have all developed a love and appreciate for science and history by reading and doing activities. Would you say that is true for you? I remember my schooling years, and history and science were not my favorite subjects. But once I started learning alongside my children, I found that hands-on activities really bring the fun out of science and history.

One more school day this week for the boys. Unfortunately, that is not the case for their mamma.

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