185th Edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling

Carnival of Homeschooling

Welcome to the 185th edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling. If you are new to the Carnival, WELCOME! This Carnival was started by the Cates family of Why Homeschool, and they have done a magnificient job with the administrative parts of keeping this Carnival going week after week. It truly is a labor of love. And it is such a fun way to catch up with favorite bloggers and meet new bloggers.

July is the time of year when most homeschool families are enjoying the freedom of learning while living. I know in our home, July is a time of year when we are enjoying some much-needed down time from a hectic schedule that always seems to be the norm during the regular school year. I am always amazed at how much children learn while playing, and that is a commodity that is short in the lives of many children.

July is also a time when I start looking at our school needs for the coming school year. I review through what we accomplished in the past year, and I see where each of my children needs to focus more in the coming year. I have cleaned out my school cabinet and put away those things we are finished with, and I celebrate the accomplishments that each child made in the previous year.

(All of the photos in this week’s CoH are courtesy of our family field trip to the NC Zoo a few weeks ago.)

So let’s see what else is going on in the world of our homeschooling blogging friends………….

Mrs. M of Rooster Hill shares some wonderful information about planning rescources for homeschoolers.

Lara DeHaven presents It?s a Jungle Out There! posted at Texas Homesteader.

Nancy Miller presents Cutting the Costs of Post Secondary Education Online posted at Online Christian Colleges.

Leslie tells us that there are new exciting additions to our home school this year. The Robinson Curriculum (self-teaching program) and Classical Conversations (a leader in training parents to educate their children with tools to learn and master any subject)!

Ruby of Freehold2 talks about the phenomenon known as summer learning loss, or “summer slide.” Research has shown that the average student will lose about 1 month of his previous year’s overall learning by September – and in math skills this figure is a whopping 2.6 months!Although there seems to be no specific research on whether homeschoolers experience summer slide, logic dictates they could if schooling stops over an extended period of time. This post looks at some of the factors that contribute to learning loss and at simple, inexpensive ways that parents (homeschooling or not) can combat it.

Susan Gaissert presents The Magic Number posted at The Expanding Life.

Jennifer of Homeschooling Memoirs shares with us a brief unit study that she wrote for her children on Chocolate Fever.

Barbara Frank Online asks us, “Has homeschooling put distance between you and the friends you used to hang out with?”

Carol Topp, CPA presents Getting an EIN (Employer Identification Number) posted at HomeschoolCPA’s Blog.

Alvina Lopez presents 100 Best Blogs for Christian Homeschoolers posted at Online Bible College Degrees – Online Bible Colleges.

ChristineMM presents My Older Son is Blogging Now posted at The Thinking Mother.

Misty presents Potted Plants – Fun and Responsibility for Kids – Tuesday Tips posted at Homeschool Bytes.

Kiwi Polemicist presents Sweden wants to outlaw homeschooling done for religious and philosophical reasons posted at Kiwi Polemicist.

Karen of New Every Morning tells us before she begins to make her fall homeschool plans, she wants to give thanks to God for the many blessings in her life and ask Him to bless their homeschool year, and she shares her list of some of the many things that she is thankful for.

Sarah presents Doing a Good Job: No One Asked Me posted at SmallWorld.

~Kris~ presents Planning Tips posted at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Beverly’s Homeschooling Blog shares with us that there are different types of homeschools - different philosophies, beliefs or practices. I’m more from the traditional homeschooling stance, although I see the benefit the other options can offer. The question is, are these other programs diluting the purity of homeschooling as we’ve known it? Does it put our homeschooling freedoms at risk? What’s your opinion? Should these alternative methods be considered homeschooling?

Michelle of Homeschooling and Homesteading in the Present tells us about their excitement with studying the Revolutionary War.

Andrea presents Schools interfere with education posted at Atlanta Education Homeschool Blog.

MiaZagora’s Homeschool Minutes introduces the web site “The World Carrot Museum.” It’s about what I call “accidental” learning, in that it was a spur-of-the-moment thing that turned into a long web investigation of the carrot. Today, we are going to go to a place where I know there are a lot of Queen Anne’s Lace flowers and pull some up by the roots, look at them and press some – but probably not eat them! What does Queen Anne’s Lace have to do with carrots? Check out the post and World Carrot Museum to find out!

Lynn presents Back to School Plans with Resources Attached posted at Eclectic Education – Homeschool Blogger.

Henry and Janine’s (Why Homeschool) oldest daughter writes a little about homeschooling.

NerdMom presents Charter Schooling: A Better Homeschool? posted at Nerd Family.

Thus ends the 185th edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling. Thank you for joining us this week. Next week the Carnival will be hosted by HomeschoolCPA’s Blog.

Please tell your homeschool friends about the Carnival of Homeschooling. A special THANK YOU to the Cate Family of Why Homeschool for keeping the Carnival of Homeschooling running from week to week!

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