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Today is Frugal Friday on Crystal’s blog. And my tip for the week is on saving money on my grocery bill. (Even though I have TRIPLE coupons at my grocery store today, I have a different tip.)

My husband grew up without a lot of material things. His family had to stretch their grocery dollar each and every week just like many of us do now. One thing he decided was that he would never do without soft drinks when he was an adult. Needless to say, he changed his mind a few years ago, and he only drinks water except for meal times when he drinks tea or milk. This enabled me to change my grocery shopping to not include any soft drinks except for birthday parties and special events. I estimate that I am saving $10-15 per week on groceries by not buying soft drinks. (My husband could drink a 2-liter soft drink by himself in one day.)

We have substituted soft drinks with water. We use a filtering system on our refrigerator and kitchen sink. We live in rural NC, and we have a lot of iron in our water, so it is not good to drink it straight from the tap. We drink juice with breakfast. And we drink Kool-aid on occasion for lunch. At dinner, we drink milk. In between meals, everyone drinks water.

Good for our bodies and good for our budget!!!!!

What is your tip for the day?

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  1. There are a lot of things that I east that are not very healthy, but I at least drink water. I have been soda free for 8 years and love it. One time I accidently took a sip of my husband sprite and even though I should know what it takes like I was shocked by how sweet it was!

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