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Can we talk about handwriting? I have seen numerous customers in my store lately who have questions about handwriting for their children.

A popular homeschool curriculum introduces cursive handwriting in K4. That is preschool, folks!

My personal thought is that a child needs time to develop their manuscript handwiting before he/she moves on to cursive. Let me explain why.

As an adult in a computer-age, I do not use my cursive handwriting like my mother or grandparents. Our children are not going to use cursive handwriting like their grandparents either.

Of course, they need to learn cursive, and they need to have a legible way to communicate. But, what if they never fully master manuscript?

What do you do when you fill out a paper at the doctor’s office or bank? When you fill out a job application, do you print or write in cursive? (Well, some people use computers to apply for a job.)

Cursive is faster to do, of course. But most “official” forms ask you to please print neatly. Our children need to learn how to master the printed word, and then they can move on to cursive handwriting.

I recommend one handwriting program above all others. And it is actually a product line that I do not make but pennies on the dollar. But I believe in it. I was introduced to Handwriting Without Tears by our occupational therapist back in 2000. And it has been the program for my children ever since. It works, and it works well. I have even had older children use the Can-Do Print and Can-Do Cursive books even without using the previous books. They are designed to fine tune handwriting in children in grade 5 and up.

That’s my two cent’s worth on the whole handwriting scope and sequence.

Any thoughts?

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Have a blessed day!

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