Do you dream about blog posts?

Last night, I found myself thinking of a great article for my blog just as I was going to sleep. Do you think I remember what that great article was? No, of course not!

Since I can’t remember my middle of the night brilliance, I thought I would share a funny story with you. Last week-end, my husband and children and I went on a long week-end trip to the beach. We went with extended family and friends. At the high point of the week-end, we had 12 children and 5 adults in the house. Not too bad when you consider that 6 of the children were our children and 2 of the friends came with us.

We had several people depart on Monday, since they either had to be at work or school on Tuesday. I planned the extra night there, so that no one would have to leave for an early Monday morning check out. And it also gae me an extra day to take my children on a field trip on Tuesday to the NC Aquarium at Ft. Fisher.

So Tuesday morning, I wake up and know that I have a lot to get together and packed in our van, and I was the only adult left, and I had 8 children to get out the door. Fortuunately, I had 4 teenagers, so I had a lot of help. We were able to get everything loaded into the van before 9:00 am, and we had the housekeeping things completed as well. The house we shared with family was large, so I did not walk through every room to check for missing items. My goal was to make sure I had 8 children in the van!

So we left our little beach getaway and checked out with the rental agency and were on our merry way to the aquarium. Everything went so smoothly, and we finished touring the aquarium around noon. And we started our long ride back across our beautiful state.

After a 6.5 hour ride home, we unloaded our van. My 5-yr-old was missing his pillow after we had everything carried in. I didn’t think leaving a pillow behind was a big deal. So we found him another pillow for the night.

On Wednesday morning, I received a phone call from our rental agent. The housekeeping ladies found my 5-yr-old’s pillow, suitcase of clothes, and bag of toys in one of the bedrooms. If you know me at all, you know that I *used* to be really good at keeping up with *stuff.* Now that I have 6 children, I am not as good at it. I am just thankful when I count all six children in their seats when we load up the van. In this case, I had 8 children to be accountable for!

I don’t know how many times we have forgotten the diaper bag, or pacifier, or shoes for the littlest one when we go somewhere. I am becoming quite unemcumbered of *stuff.* Sometimes this is a good thing, and some times, it is not a good thing.

Fortunately, my rental agent is sending a package to me with my 5-yr-old’s belongings. And I am thankful we are all home safe and sound minus a little *stuff.*

Have a blessed day!

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